Lost Saga enlists Guilty Gear's May and Johnny

By Michael Jamias
lost saga guilty gear may johnny

The new Lost Saga content update injects two Guilty Gear all-stars and "Minecraft-inspired" block building elements.

Following its reboot, Lost Saga has been furiously adding new licensed fighting legends from other famous gaming franchises like King of Fighters and BlazBlue. In this latest update, the brawler MMORPG introduces Guilty Gear's anchor-swinging May and sea creature-summoning Johnny.

The online rpg also begins toying with the idea of block building. Players can now purchase the special Block A item, which developers said is a construction material that can be used to build "just about anything players can think of."

To encourage fans to create impressive masterpieces, Lost Saga has begun hosting the Building Buddies event that rewards the best Block A creators with loot and glory. Creators can send in their screens on Facebook where the community will vote on their favorite, with the winner receiving 1,000 WP worth roughly $10 as well as permanent Legendary Gear Chests. The Building Buddies event ends September 4.

Musically inclined gamers can also tinker with the new Instrument Motions special item, which unlocks orchestra-themed musical emotes ranging from the flute, trumpet and violin.

Other events have been lined up such as Take No Prisoners, a hogtieing contest; GM Tyr Gives You Gear, a legendary gear giveaway spree; Show Me the Money, a login rewards incentive; and Hero of the Week, a free hero trial event.


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