Lost Saga Europe closed beta begins early 2014

By Michael Jamias
lost saga europe launch

Lost Saga Europe is officially confirmed, but you'll have to bear that cross-Atlantic envy for a couple of months or so.

This wacky hybrid-flavor mmo launched stateside way back in May. That means European fans have been huffing and puffing to get the game ported over for more than half a year now.

But you know why it's taking so long? Probably the extra generous language support -- Lost Saga Europe will be serviced in 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Turkish.

Publisher Nexon Europe said it is looking forward to the Lost Saga Europe closed beta in early 2014. Here's a special trailer to tide you over till next year:

The trailer solves our basic gripe with this multiplayer arena battle game -- the title doesn't do it justice. When you hear Lost Saga you probably think of traditional rpg games where the hero goes on a journey to the ends of the earth.

But Lost Saga is anything but that meandering. It's a straight up party brawler game with effects almost as fun as its fighting mechanics and modes. Developers like to put in twists to keep the arena fighting frantic such as letting you protect crowns and enslave players as prisoners during battle. This isn't a game where you hang back and strategize -- it's always better to punch before thinking.

The sheer variety of controllable characters is also its biggest plus. These have been conscripted from multiple genres, so you've got the sci-fi robots, fantasy ninjas and Liliths, medieval Robin Hoods, Western cowboys, parrot-assisted pirates and more.


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