Lost Saga punches out European open beta

By Michael Jamias
lost saga eu open beta start

Calling all brawlers across the Atlantic, the Lost Saga European open beta has begun.


If you're playing other mmo games right now, Nexon Europe will make it worth your while to join the testing ring. Open beta testers will receive a series of daily rewards doled out for simply logging in.

It's also raining free Nexon Cash -- the currency you spend for exclusive items in Lost Saga or any Nexon Europe game. You can score some by either changing your Facebook profile picture to one of the playable characters in the Lost Saga open beta, inviting friends via Facebook, or joining the comic strip making event.

Open beta testers can also look forward to next week on April 30 which introduces new characters from two popular fighting games, BlazBlue and King of Fighters. The BlazBlue entrants include Hazama and Ragna, while King of Fighters sends out Redflame, Iori and Kyo to shake things up in I.O. Entertainment's online rpg brawler. They join the already bulky selection of characters, which now number over 100 from different games and genres. Open beta fans will also have a blast playing in 20 maps and several game modes.

No word yet on the launch date, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear the round bell ring.


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