Lost Saga EU closed beta key registration starts February 6

By Michael Jamias
lost saga eu closed beta registration

With Lost Saga set to launch its European closed beta by the end of next month, fans can troop to the flashy new official website to secure a Lost Saga closed beta key starting next Thursday, February 6.

The official website has been updated with details about the upcoming online mmorpg brawler, and can even provide feedback on the closed beta version.

Closed beta will begin at the end of February and beta key registration will begin on Feb 6th, according to developers, and will be a limited-access affair. Players will be able to download the game client via the official website.

The website also reposts the Lost Saga Europe trailer that shows off several of the 100 characters in the game's roster and their respective combo moves:

Aside from learning about the back story and powers of each of the characters, players can also start posting on the forums to provide their feedback and connect with the rest of the online rpg community.

Fans don't need to have a fancy new PC to run the game since the system requirements only require a minimum RAM of 256 MB, Intel Pentium 4 1.2 Ghz or AMD 16000+, and GeForce Ti 4200 or ATI Radeon 9000 or higher graphics card.


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