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lost saga eu open beta start
Calling all brawlers across the Atlantic, the Lost Saga European open beta has begun.If you're playing other mmo games right now, Nexon Europe will make it worth your while to join the testing ring. Open beta testers will receive a series of daily rewards doled out for simply logging in. It's also raining free Nexon Cash -- the currency you spend for exclusive items in Lost Saga or any Nexon Europe game. You can score some by either changing...
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Apr 24 2014
lost saga eu closed beta key signup
Closed beta key registration has started for Lost Saga Europe, the newest regional version for Nexon's action mmo brawler. Visit the Lost Saga Europe official site to sign up for a closed beta key. Closed beta test is scheduled to start on February 27. But as early as February 25, you can already start the pre client download also via the official site. Developers have already revealed that the launch version of the game will require 900 MB of h...
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Feb 08 2014
lost saga eu closed beta registration
With Lost Saga set to launch its European closed beta by the end of next month, fans can troop to the flashy new official website to secure a Lost Saga closed beta key starting next Thursday, February 6. The official website has been updated with details about the upcoming online mmorpg brawler, and can even provide feedback on the closed beta version. Closed beta will begin at the end of February and beta key registration will begin on Fe...
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Jan 31 2014
lost saga europe launch
Lost Saga Europe is officially confirmed, but you'll have to bear that cross-Atlantic envy for a couple of months or so. This wacky hybrid-flavor mmo launched stateside way back in May. That means European fans have been huffing and puffing to get the game ported over for more than half a year now. But you know why it's taking so long? Probably the extra generous language support -- Lost Saga Europe will be serviced in 6 languages: English, Ger...
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Dec 16 2013
lost saga sorcerer hero
Lockdown enemies before electrocuting them into oblivion with the new Sorcerer hero. The Sorcerer joins the pantheon of playable heroes in Lost Saga, and he packs quite the crowd control. He can stun, suppress and even switch places with those that dare cross his elemental path. This spellslinging master also whips out quite the damage as well when left alone to spam his arcane spells. We think the Sorcerer has an amazing kit for either a full-...
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Sep 07 2013
lost saga guilty gear may johnny
The new Lost Saga content update injects two Guilty Gear all-stars and "Minecraft-inspired" block building elements. Following its reboot, Lost Saga has been furiously adding new licensed fighting legends from other famous gaming franchises like King of Fighters and BlazBlue. In this latest update, the brawler MMORPG introduces Guilty Gear's anchor-swinging May and sea creature-summoning Johnny. The online rpg also begins toying with the idea o...
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Aug 24 2013