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  • Loong: quest

    Loong: quest
    Click on NPC names in your quest log to autorun to them....
    Loong: quest

    Loong: wings

    Loong: wings
    Loong refers to Chinese gods or dragons. Check out the wings on this guy!...
    Loong: wings

    Loong: bow

    Loong: bow
    Click on enemies to auto attack them with your weapon....
    Loong: bow

    Loong: spells

    Loong: spells
    Spirit will let you cast spells. Here is a PBAE spell that 1 shots everything!...
    Loong: spells

Loong Gameplay

Loong Gameplay

Loong is an action based, free to play MMORPG published and developed by Gamigo. Loong is set in ancient China, a land forged and created by the all powerful god, Pangu. Loong is filled with mysteries and treasures, friends and foes, and all wrapped up in a delightfully designed game world displayed in some top quality graphics.

Loong offers in-depth character customization right from the start. You get to customize various aspects of your character at the creation screen including over 5 different hair styles and colors, several face types and up to 3 outfits available for each gender. There's also other aspects of the character you can customize such as adding facial scars and tattoos. A unique feature in the character customization for Loong is the ability to view your character in various end-game armor

Unlike other MMORPG games, players don't get to select a base class during character creation, instead they must select one of the following weapons, Sword, Sabre, Polearm, Bow, Totem, Glove, or Zither. To begin with, your choice of weapon has no real impact on your characters progression but as you level and get further into the game, you must choose which weapon style you wish to invest your skill points in to. This allows you to sample every weapon type in the game before making the choice that's right for you, reducing the risk of you playing to level 30 and realizing you're not to fond of your class.

Another awesome aspect to Loong is the Spirit Beast system, an in-depth version of the regular MMO pet systems. Players get access to their own Spirit Beast very early in the game, there's a large variety and they all have different uses. Some of them are able to loot for you, saving you valuable time during quests, others are able to be mounted. When you want to mount your Spirit Beast, you must interact with it, the Spirit Beast then grows into a full size mount that you're able to ride across the gorgeous landscape. Your Spirit Beast levels up as you progress through the game but you can choose to transfer experience points from your main character, to your pet.

Loong has some of the best combat and interaction animations in the MMO world, each crafted with a high attention to detail and complimented by the glorious 3D graphics.

By Rachel Rosen

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