Lineage II reveals more about its new expansion

By Tam Mageean
lineage 2 valiance info

Lineage II is one of the MMORPG's out there that truly sets the bar; it's one of the leaders in Clan Warfare and PvP sieges and has so much class variety that you could never master of all of it.

NCSoft are aware that when Lineage II does something different, the other MMO's are watching, so as more Lineage II: Valiance info is released, the more their competitors fix their gaze. The Valiance expansion is set to launch before the end of the year and is continuing Lineage's "variety" theme, adding a cornucopia of new features.

First up; Valiance will bring 3 new hunting grounds to the map:

Beleth Circle - A single player hunting area with "changing conditions"

Martyr's Quarry - A medium sized world for small parties, where your enemies can evolve and up the ante

Oasis Hills - The most challenging of the 3, where your party will come up against perpetually more fearsome foes

Lineage 2 Skills Tree

The skills system has been revamped, with almost all current skills getting a tweak and refinement. On top of that, 25 brand new skills have been made available for you to choose from and experiment with, in order to make your toon the best he can be. The newly polished skills will also be complemented by a new abilities system, finally granted the defenders of Aden with a "Skills Tree", providing more meaningful and rewarding progression to your avatars' abilities.

Lastly, players can embrace a whole new degree of difficulty, as a range of Aden's past bosses steadily seep back into the forefront, for defenders seeking a Level 85-99 challenge.

If you can't wait for the expansion, be sure to check out the Memorable Raid Boss Pack, that launched today, bringing with it almost 80 new raid bosses for you to test your wits on.


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