Lineage 2 Valiance expansion revealed

By Michael Jamias
lineage 2 valiance expansion

Look forward to the return of the popular Hellbound hunting ground in the year-end Valiance expansion.

Valiance, which will be released "later this year", is quite the juicy Lineage 2 content update. Not only does it bring back the fan favorite Hellbound zone, but ialso injects with area upgrades and new hunting parties.

Valiance has also given more options -- and by extension, more gravity -- to how you customize your character. You'll have more than 25 new skills to slap on to your build. Add an overhauled Skill system and a fresh Abilities system to the mix and you'll likely need to spend a few hours strategizing on how to end up making a stronger MMO hero.

"I'll stick to my trusted build, thank you very much" you say? Well that's nice and all, but something tells us you'll be singing a new tune when the returning Lineage 2 raid bosses start wiping the floor with your underpowered hero.

But for long-time Lineage 2 fans, probably the most exciting thing about the Valiance expansion is the heaps of nostalgia it's serving up by bringing back some of the most iconic nemeses and memorable allies you've encountered throughout the free online rpg's 10-year run.


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