Lineage 2 trembles in fear of Lindvior update

By Michael Jamias
lineage 2 lindvior update released

Lineage 2 fans looking for that ultimate challenge just might bite their tongue -- the dragon Lindvior has landed in the fantasy mmorpg.

This latest Lineage 2 update titled Lindvior Goddess of Destruction unleashes Lindvior, the dragon champion of the goddess Shilen, and another terrible bane that's come to bring destruction to the land.

Developers assure that even veterans will quake in their boots at the intense challenge that Lindvior poses, and that only the very best raiders across the free online rpg will be able to down him.

Helping adventurers along through this taxing dragon ordeal is the introduction of new Awakened classes and a cache of powerful new gear. Those who want to power up first can explore the three new zones as well, and those that can't be bothered will find themselves distracted by the new character customization system. Costume fans and roleplayers can now achieve their desired looks with the different customization options along with the available costumes.

Still, the core of the new update will revolve around Lindvior, developers said, with prestige and prizes to be showered to the brave group who first clears him. It won't be so easy though; take a gander at the terrible might of Lindvior:


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