Lineage 2 launches Hero Coin rewards program

By Michael Jamias
lineage 2 hero coin rewards program

NCsoft makes Lineage 2 microtransactions even more enticing through the new Hero Coin rewards program.

Lineage 2 fans who frequently buy from either the L2 Store or L2 Galleria will earn Hero Coins, which can then be spent to redeem powerful consumables and items in the free rpg, from fame boosters to Amaranthine weapons.

There are a few important rules to remember though. Only items worth 80 NCoin or more will earn you Hero Coins (the standard rate is 1 Hero Coin for every 80 NCoin spent.) For really expensive wares that cost 800 NCoin, you can earn the usual Hero Coin plus an additional 10% bonus Hero Coin.

But what if you just spent a ton on microtransactions over the holidays -- would that earn you Hero Coins? Yes, you will, according to NCsoft. All qualifying purchases made since November 30, 2011 via both mmo cash shops will be retroatractively applied for any possible Hero Coins.

But fans should also be wary of certain provisions, particularly that Hero Coins are character-bound and expire at the end of every calendar year.

So before you start gunning for that oh-so-enticing Sealed Talisman of Longing worth 75,000 Hero Coins, make sure you'll be able to spend a few hundreds of thousands of dollars this year to unlock that item.


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