Lineage II reveals first shots of Ertheia class

By Tam Mageean
lineage 2 ertheia

Lineage II have been teasing their new Ertheia class for some time on the forums and in interviews, with concept sketches, illustrations and prototypes galore, but nary a final draft the the RPG's newcomer in sight.

NCsoft have revealed the first 3D models of Lineage II's new Ertheia class in a teaser trailer. The agile, delicate new class is said to be instilled by the spirit of the wind.

Very few details have been revealed about the classes style, or attributes. However, the developers have hinted at creating a class dichotomy with the Ertheia class (or Arteias, depending on locality).

"When you look closely at the illustration we have published before, you will realize that we are planning to introduce at first only two classes."

Judging by one of the Lineage II promo shots, the class may be divided into dark and light; since one of the elf-like characters sports white, doves feathers and a pure appearance, whilst the other model seems to be summoning wind from claw-like palms, surrounded by blackened feathers.

The wind-inspired nymph will be geared towards soloist play, and will use the atmosphere to disguise themselves, and controll their environment and opponents.

The Ertheia class will be joining the MMORPG to mark its 10th anniversary in 2014.


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