Lineage 2 celebrates 10th anniversary with Carnival of Aden

By Michael Jamias
lineage 2 10th anniversary

Like a proud father, NCsoft has announced a new milestone for one of its mmorpg games: Lineage 2 marks a decade of service in North America. And fittingly, the game will be receiving quite a birthday bash in the form of a Carnival of Aden in-game event lasting until May 14.

Lineage 2 poster Carnival of Aden

The list of Lineage 2 10th anniversary activities will leave you quite breathless -- there's an attendance event, fragment hunting for prizes, a boss fight during weekends, enchanting, squash growing and even a chance to swing all-powerful dragon weapons.

The longer you have played Lineage 2, the more Veteran Packs you can purchase with the lowered price of one Adena, for a maximum of 10 packs for those who have been playing the game since launch.

NCsoft also threw out some videogame stats that the online rpg has managed to rack up during its 10-year run. Lineage 2 has released 21 free expansions, let loose 350 raid bosses, unlocked 450 unique zones, introduced 10,000 unique NPCs and monsters, and empowered players with 2,200 unique skills.

Given these impressive numbers, Lineage 2 is one of the largest mmo games in the world based on content alone, claimed NCsoft, and that'll be a hard fact to argue.

And the long-running mmorpg isn't about to run out steam soon. Already, there are plans to release a new free expansion with a new playable race called Ertheia, previewed late last year.

"These beings from another dimension find their world mysteriously intertwined with Aden, with dire consequences. This new race—and their arrival in Aden—will begin the next chapter of the Lineage II story," said NCsoft.



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