Lineage 2 News

Lineage 2 Helios expansion now live
Nothing screams epic adventure and fun than a giant floating castle in the sky that is actually a giant weapon. This castle serves as the core of the Lineage 2 Helios expansion that went live today. There's a lot of juicy content for mmo players to sink their teeth into, including a new zone, raid bosses, skills, and factions. This expansion continues the Chronicle of Lineage prequel storyline as the Lesser Giants are once again on the march. Th...
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Jun 29 2016
Early access to the Lineage 2 EU classic server begins tomorrow
For those European mmo players who think most online games are too easy and made for wusses, then NCsoft is giving them a hardcore Christmas present. NCsoft has announced that early access for the Lineage 2 EU classic server is slated to begin tomorrow for those who've pre-purchased a pack containing subscription time.In order to enjoy the Lineage 2 early access for the EU classic server, players will need to purchase either the Challenger's ...
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Dec 21 2015
lineage 2 infinite
When it comes to expansions in mmo games, it's widely accepted that expansions are going to cost you, even in the free to play ones. However, the devs behind Lineage 2 doesn't play by those rules. Today they've launched their hugely anticipated expansion, Lineage 2: Infinite Odyssey, which will take the mmorpg to the next level. Lineage 2: Infinite Odyssey is a free expansion, complete with major plot advancements, new activity and piles of new ...
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Apr 22 2015
Lineage 2 Infinite Odyssey update to be released April 22
It's hard to believe that Lineage 2 is still going strong as it approaches its eleventh anniversary. Most mmo games fade away after a few years, but Lineage 2 not only continues to rumble along, it also continues to grow by adding new content. Gamers now have a firm date for the Lineage 2 Infinite Odyssey update: April 22nd. To commemorate the announcement, NCsoft has released a brand new trailer.The Infinite Odyssey update for Lineage 2 cont...
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Apr 08 2015
lineage 2 infinite odyssey expansion
Lineage 2 is gearing up for a new free expansion release for North America called Infinite Odyssey. It comes with crush of content, including additional hunting zones, a brand-new raid boss and more skills for MMO heroes. To spike interest among players, the Lineage 2 Infinite Odyssey expansion will be hosting a skills naming contest.Players will already be able to pitch their suggestions for the names of the new skills coming in the Infinit...
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Mar 14 2015
Lineage 2 Ertheia expansion
The hit Lineage 2 mmorpg by NCSoft is getting a new expansion later this summer and promises quite a bit of new content. Of primary interest to players is the introduction of a new race, from which the expansion is named after. The Lineage 2 Ertheia expansion also features new locations, such as Faeron Village, that will be added to the world of Aden.The Lineage 2 website notes, "Ertheia, born of the wind, were created by the god Sayha. ...
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Jun 09 2014
lineage 2 classic
Straight out of the rumor mill and into reality; a classic Lineage 2 server is on the way. Lineage 2 has come a long way since its launch; way back in 2003 and, despite that being a good thing; you can't help but pine a little for the original mmorpg in all of its nostalgic, throwback glory. Early footage coming in from the live beta stream show the mmo acting out a life from before a lot of the big changes that came in over the years...
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May 30 2014
lineage 2 10th anniversary
Like a proud father, NCsoft has announced a new milestone for one of its mmorpg games: Lineage 2 marks a decade of service in North America. And fittingly, the game will be receiving quite a birthday bash in the form of a Carnival of Aden in-game event lasting until May 14.The list of Lineage 2 10th anniversary activities will leave you quite breathless -- there's an attendance event, fragment hunting for prizes, a boss fight during weekends,...
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Apr 29 2014
lineage 2 hero coin rewards program
NCsoft makes Lineage 2 microtransactions even more enticing through the new Hero Coin rewards program. Lineage 2 fans who frequently buy from either the L2 Store or L2 Galleria will earn Hero Coins, which can then be spent to redeem powerful consumables and items in the free rpg, from fame boosters to Amaranthine weapons. There are a few important rules to remember though. Only items worth 80 NCoin or more will earn you Hero Coins (the sta...
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Jan 21 2014
lineage 2 ertheia
Lineage II have been teasing their new Ertheia class for some time on the forums and in interviews, with concept sketches, illustrations and prototypes galore, but nary a final draft the the RPG's newcomer in sight. NCsoft have revealed the first 3D models of Lineage II's new Ertheia class in a teaser trailer. The agile, delicate new class is said to be instilled by the spirit of the wind. Very few details have been revealed about the classes s...
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Nov 20 2013