LEGO Minifigures Online now open for registration

By Tam Mageean
lego minifigures registration

LEGO games of late have been incredible. Whether you're trekking to Mordor, fighting alongside the Justice League or helping the Rebel Alliance; LEGO have found a way to immortalize any setting in molded ABS plastic magic. With LEGO Minifigures Online, they're completing the set, and creating virtual worlds where people can choose their own LEGO hero and adventure together through fantasy worlds, city-scapes and mythological realms.

The 3 all-important cornerstones in the MMO are "Smash, Build and Collect", honoring the funnest elements of any LEGO experience, virtual or otherwise. It's slated for the second half of 2014 and will be both downloadable and browser capable.

Fans of the real-world LEGO toys will be pleased to hear that a series of minifigures will be released that parallel the in-game avatars. 100 variations have been made available so far, with more coming in future updates, and they'll be unlocked by entering the code that comes with each physical figure; adding a cool new twist to the current Skylanders/Infinity business model, that's so popular amongst younger gamers.

LEGO Minifigures Online screenshot

Many gamers are still skeptical, and remember the demise of LEGO Universe, but hopefully, a successful beta will prove that this time, LEGO has some online sticking power.

The LEGO MiniFigures Online beta registration is now open, and the beta is set to start in the next few weeks, so register now, via the Funcom website, to avoid disappointment!


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