LEGO Minifigures Online previews Pirate World zone

By Michael Jamias
lego minifigures online pirate world preview

Funcom is slowly but surely building buzz around its LEGO Minifigures Online mmorpg as it heads for open beta this summer, and part of it is promising a pile of adventure and treasure in its Pirate World.

Watch this LEGO Minifigures Online pirate world preview to see the locations and swashbuckling challenges that await action rpg fans.

The Pirate World is just one of many locations that will be available to explore in LEGO Minifigures Online, and its main adventure zones are divided into Volcano Island and Treasure Island. The former is home to the ghost pirate Dreadleg who will try to spook you from his immense treasure hidden within Volcano Island. Meanwhile, at Treasure Island, the monstrous Crikey the Kraken has gained notoriety for annihilating the foolish pirates that dare set foot on the island.

LEGO Minifigures Online's Pirate World was already made playable to media in the recently held Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, and so far reviews have ranged from enthusiastically positive to cautiously optimistic based on this limited pre-open beta hands-on. What many seem to agree is that LEGO Minifigures Online will appeal to casual fans and kids who might prefer a vividly imagined and adorable play universe as opposed to the dark-themed MMOs coming out as of late.


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