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lego minifigures online shutdown
It's sad enough when a cult mmo aimed at the core gaming demographic shuts down, but it's far worse when it happen to a title aimed predominantly at kids. I can still remember, back in 2013, looking on in excitement at LEGO Minifigures Online as it rose from the ashes of the less than successful, LEGO Universe. Now, it seems, the same is happening with its predecessor. There has been no announcement of LEGO Minifigures Online shutting down, but...
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May 16 2016
lego minifigures online monster minifigures
You'll want to get your claws on the newly released army of monster minifigures in LEGO Minifigures Online. A total of 16 monster minifigures can be assembled through the all-new Monster Trials challenge, including the goop-spewing Toxic Fly and hex-blasting Wacky Witch.Players that want to play with these monster minifigures will have to complete area quests and defeat final bosses in epic dungeons, which will then earn them tickets to the ...
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Sep 01 2015
Should mmo players worry about Funcom?
While we gamers view playing mmo games as a source of fun and enjoyment, online games are also serious business. Thousands of developers work hard to create these games and depend upon players supporting those games in order to get a paycheck. Online games, and the companies that make them, rise and fall on a regular basis. Recently, a great deal of speculation has been swirling around Funcom after they posted a notice that they were actively loo...
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Aug 23 2015
Funcom looking for investment
Speculation is running rampant over the state of the ongoing Funcom financial stability. The maker of a number of mmo games that are known to push the technological barrier has posted a statement on the official Funcom Investor Relations page, which has led to gamers and pundits wondering what the true health of the company is.The Funcom financial statement post reads: "Following the completion and launch of the LEGO Minifigures Online game, ...
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Aug 10 2015
lego minifigures online relaunch
A more magnificent world of LEGO Minifigures Online comes to life on June 29 as the previously free to play mmo relaunches on the PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android as a buy to play game.The new-and-improved LEGO Minifgures Online relaunches after having spent months undergoing an overhaul. It will be available to purchase from the official website as well as on the Steam platform. LEGO Minifigures Online for desktop wil...
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Jun 22 2015
Why Lego Minifigures Online switching to b2p is smart
The LEGO franchise has been staggeringly successful over the years. It seems that there have been millions of different playsets released for every conceivable genre and there's the raft of popular video games based upon IPs such as Star Wars. There has been one area that's proven problematic for LEGO, and that is the realm of mmo games. Their LEGO Universe mmo lasted only a couple of years, and they're now changing the revenue format for LEGO Mi...
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Jun 07 2015
LEGO Minifigures Online announces buy-to-play model
In the colorful world of mmo games, one trend has been relentless: that of games that were subscription-based or buy-to-play switching over to the free-to-play model. This has been the pattern for the last five years or so, but now one game is going against that trend. Funcom has announced a new LEGO Minifigures Online buy-to-play revenue model for its mmo that appeals to younger gamers.The CEO of Funcom, Rui Casais, issued the following stat...
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May 15 2015
Players can unlock LEGO Minifigures Online Santa minifigure
A holiday fixture that parents use to keep their children in line is the jolly old elf himself, Santa Clause. Kids definitely don't want to get on his naughty list lest they get deprived of some Christmas loot. Now players can collect parts and build their own LEGO Minifigures Online Santa minifigure as the holiday event is now underway in the free mmo.Santa has come to LEGO Minifigures Online and has set up his own Winterland Village in the ...
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Dec 11 2014
LEGO Minifigures Online coming to Amazon platforms
The marriage between games and delivery platforms continues to proceed as another mmorpg has entered into an agreement with a major outlet. Funcom announced today that they will bring their popular LEGO Minifigures Online to Amazon by the end of 2014. This means that gamers can venture into the colorful world of the LEGO characters on both Amazon's Fire TV and Fire tablets platforms.Funcom CTO Rui Casais describes the anticipation of bringing...
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Oct 27 2014
lego minifigures online space world
We're blasting off to the stars to stop an insidious race of aliens from taking over the known& LEGO Minifigures Online universe. Galaxy patrols from all corners of the MMORPG are called on to team up with the Railhead Rangers and exterminate the alien threat. Of course, that also means putting an end to the reign of their powerful queen. The Lego Minifigures Online Space World video shows what you can expect from this latest daring mission...
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Oct 20 2014