Legends of Dawn makes the cut as a Valve Greenlight game

By Michael Jamias
legends of dawn valve greenlight

Valve has chosen Legends of Dawn as one of the mmo games and console titles for its latest Steam Greenlight program round.

Legends of Dawn’s qualification for the Greenlight program – based on fan votes that the indie fantasy action rpg received over the course of two months – means that the game will be offered worldwide distribution via the popular videogame and software sales platform.

Legends of Dawn developer Dreamatrix was proud to note that the title was an underdog for the Greenlight program. But a spurt of votes took Legends of Dawn “from the bottom of the very long list of over 1,000 titles to the chosen few within just 65 days.”

This latest bout of good news comes at the heel of successful Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Dawn. Probably emboldened by the increasing success of crowd funding for rpg games online, Legends Dawn launched its Kickstarter campaign last December and managed to meet its funding goal in January.

Just in time for the impending Steam distribution deal, development for Legends of Dawn appears to be coming to its final stages. Dreamatrix said that finishing improvements to the game are being done, including voice-overs.

For those who cannot wait for Legends of Dawn to become available via Steam, the online rpg can still be pre-ordered via www.dreamatrix.net starting at the basic digital downloadable version ($15) rising up to the premium bundle inclusive of wallpapers and a Dwarven Chronicles pdf book ($35).


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