Legends of Dawn releases with exclusive Steam discount

By Michael Jamias
legends of dawn releases

The just-released fantasy rpg Legends of Dawn can be bought for 20% less its $19.99 tag price on Steam.

The discount, which lasts until July 5, drops the price to $15.99 and can only be availed through the popular digital game download platform.

Aside from the Steam platform, Legends of Dawn is also available via indie mmo games developer Dreamatrix's website.

For those not familiar with Legends of Dawn, the game went from an indie dream into a full-bodied MMO after a successful crowdfunding campaign and popular support via the Steam Greenlight project. It was only back in December when Legends of Dawn was still in the crowdfunding phase, seeking more funds to beef up the content in its sprawling 3D open world. The momentum accelerated even further when it catapulted to the top tier of candidates and eventually chosen to join the Steam Greenlight program.

The Legends of Dawn launches out of the box with a huge game world, a deep crafting system, adaptable creature AI and unique features such as the spell generator and system of sacrifices.

Players will be treated to a compelling storyline, which is not as rigid as other mmorpg games and allows for exploration.

Developers have also consciously moved away from permanent class restrictions, allowing players to re-set their class choices without having to roll a new character.


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