Legends of Dawn seeks funding help via Kickstarter campaign

By Michael Jamias
legends of dawn kickstarter campaign

Indie developers Dreamatrix & Auroinfinity are raising funds to complete development for their 3D open world MMORPG.

According to the Legends of Dawn Kickstarter Page, it is seeking at least $25,000 in pledges until January 18, 2013. Roughly 60% or $14,600 has already been pledged by 685 backers as of this posting with two and a half weeks to go before the Kickstarter campaign ends.

There are 13 pledging levels, with the lowest at $5 which will put your name on the Legends of Dawn website as a recognized backer to the project up to the $2,500 pledge where 10 lucky fans will be able to fly in to the Dreamatrix offices in Zagreb, Croatia for a meet and greet with the developers themselves (cost of travel and accommodations shouldered by backers.)

Currently the most popular pledge is $15 which rewards supporters with a digital downloadable copy of the game, which is a discounted price available only via Kickstarter.

Developers also noted that supporters can expect to rewards quickly by February 2013 because “unlike most projects on Kickstarter, Legends of Dawn is close to being finished.”

Raised funds will help the “last two steps” developers need to self-release the game, including purchasing and integrating voice-overs as well as paying for a few plug-in licenses integrated in the Dreamatrix Engine, which runs the game.

Screenshots of the game have been posted on the Kickstarter page along with a detailed description of what makes the isometric fantasy PC title different from other rpg games online.


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