Legends of Aethereus launches on Steam

By Michael Jamias
legends of aethereus steam release

The indie co-op action rpg storms the Steam platform cheaper and earlier than the worldwide release version.

The Legends of Aethereus Steam launch temporarily discounts the title to $23.99 when players purchase and download the game via the popular digital videogame distribution platform. That's a 20% or $6 early bird discount, for all you penny pinchers.

But more importantly, the Steam download is being made available four full days ahead of its worldwide release, so if you just cannot wait to play the game, now's your chance to get slightly ahead of the pack.

After the early Steam download promotion, Legends of Aethereus will be released on the official website and other online retailers on October 1, 2013.

Legends of Aethereus launches with sparkling reviews praising its customizability and combat. Players will be able to design and build new gear and weapons to suit their needs, and create a unique build from an expansive skill tree. Forbes has even lauded the developers for resisting the lure of MMORPG and instead focusing on creating exhilarating single player and co-op adventure modes.

Steam downloaders can play Legends of Aethereus on either the PC Windows or Mac OS platforms. Completionists will also have their hands full collecting Steam achievements while progressing through the game's savage exploration and fighting missions.


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