Legends of Aethereus lands on Steam this Friday

By Michael Jamias
legends of aethereus steam launch

Fresh from getting enough votes in Steam Greenlight, the co-op action rpg hits the platform this Friday, September 27.

Indie developer ThreeGates will be releasing the full version of Legends of Aethereus just a month after it was greenlit by the Steam community back in late August.

Legends of Aethereus comes packed with a four-player co-op mode, a single-player mode, a physics-based combat system, deep character and skills customizations, a city creation feature, crafting, and fierce arena combat.

Fans have praised Legends of Aethereus on its extensive class customizability. Players can become a full defensive tank, a sneaky ninja or a deadly long-range javelin annihilator by thoughtfully arranging their Officer and Inventor skillsets. Gear combinations are also as comparably diverse as mmo games, numbering in the millions to give each character a distinct look.

The Legends of Aethereus Steam launch is the first of many platform launches. Additional distribution channels are set to roll out the game over the next couple of weeks. The current version will be available for download for the Linus, Mac and Windows systems. ThreeGates also asked fans to look forward to the first Legends of Aethereus DLC, which is already in the works.


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