Legends of Aethereus now optimized for lower-spec PCs

By Michael Jamias
legends of aethereus optimization

Legends of Aethereus developers don't want you to miss this action rpg just because of system requirements.

With the Legends of Aethereus second update, players with less powerful rigs can get in on the game and avoid less bugs and annoying visual downgrades.

Developers have lowered the hardware requirements for the title and have rolled out better optimization for older PC systems. This ensures a wider range of gamers from Alienware laptop geeks to mid-2000s PC owners can have a similarly satisfying gaming experience. Or at the very least let Legends of Aethereus run as smoothly on the PC platform as its rival mmo games.

The update was made after developer ThreeGates heard some fans had trouble running the game, including suffering through frame freezes in and out of combat. There were also reports of buffs going haywire when stacked with each other causing some unintended game imbalance, as well as all sorts of performance bugs. So what's one content update to get those annoyances sorted out, right?

Other quality-of-play improvements that come with the update include new custom music to keep us entertained through the loading screen wait, and a fix for Linux users that haven't been able to unlock Steam achievement.


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