Legends of Aethereus News

legends of aethereus optimization
Legends of Aethereus developers don't want you to miss this action rpg just because of system requirements. With the Legends of Aethereus second update, players with less powerful rigs can get in on the game and avoid less bugs and annoying visual downgrades. Developers have lowered the hardware requirements for the title and have rolled out better optimization for older PC systems. This ensures a wider range of gamers from Alienware laptop gee...
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Oct 18 2013
legends of aethereus steam release
The indie co-op action rpg storms the Steam platform cheaper and earlier than the worldwide release version. The Legends of Aethereus Steam launch temporarily discounts the title to $23.99 when players purchase and download the game via the popular digital videogame distribution platform. That's a 20% or $6 early bird discount, for all you penny pinchers. But more importantly, the Steam download is being made available four full days ahead of i...
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Sep 28 2013
legends of aethereus steam launch
Fresh from getting enough votes in Steam Greenlight, the co-op action rpg hits the platform this Friday, September 27. Indie developer ThreeGates will be releasing the full version of Legends of Aethereus just a month after it was greenlit by the Steam community back in late August. Legends of Aethereus comes packed with a four-player co-op mode, a single-player mode, a physics-based combat system, deep character and skills customizations, a ci...
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Sep 24 2013
legends of aethereus preorder
The Legends of Aethereus pre-order will be sold exclusively on Green Man Gaming, at least for the next two weeks. ThreeGates, the Swedish indie developer behind Legends of Aethereus, announced that its fantasy action title will be available for pre-order at Green Man Gaming for $24.99. The $24.99 represents a 16% discount from the standard retail price of $29.99 so those looking to lock on a deal should snap up the pre-order offer. "Months ago...
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Jul 21 2013