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  • Legends of Aethereus: skills

    Legends of Aethereus: skills
    As your character levels remember to spend both stat and skill points. Skills are different types of explosive technology that you...
    Legends of Aethereus: skills

    Legends of Aethereus: combat

    Legends of Aethereus: combat
    This game's combat feels similar to several other styles. The combo system for attacks may make some players think of a fighting g...
    Legends of Aethereus: combat

    Legends of Aethereus: voice

    Legends of Aethereus: voice
    Legends of Aethereus does employ a lot of voice acting into the game. This extra level of immersion is something that many players...
    Legends of Aethereus: voice

    Legends of Aethereus: crafting

    Legends of Aethereus: crafting
    The level of customization in the crafting of Aethereus is my favorite aspect of the game. Save resources or buy them from the bla...
    Legends of Aethereus: crafting

Legends of Aethereus Gameplay First Look

Legends of Aethereus Gameplay First Look

Legends of Aethereus, developed and published by ThreeGates Studios, is an action RPG with single player and multiplayer content. Players can team up for co-op challenges. There are various Legends of Aethereus PvP modes as well. The single player missions tell the Legends of Aethereus story. The game world is called Aethereus. The Three Great Skyfalls are catastrophic events that almost destroyed the entire planet but generated 7 powerful relics. The end goal is to gather all 7 relics. Legends of Aethereus has multiple customization features including character and city customization. A complex crafting system allows players to create weapons and equipment. Exploring Legends of Aethereus world is encouraged with exploration related quests and rewarded with loot.

The combat system is designed to keep Legends of Aethereus players on their toes at all times. In addition to equipped weapons players use traps and surrounding objects. Nexus City State, the main Legends of Aethereus city, allows customization using different features like statue maker, city painter or banner creator. Players design houses to live inside the city. Legends of Aethereus friends can share personalized Nexus City State versions. The combat arena is the place for PvP duels. This arena supports customization too. You can create your own Legends of Aethereus arena inside Nexus City State and invite friends over for a tournament. While exploring Legends of Aethereus world, players capture wild creatures. These creatures are then used in arena fights as PvE challenges.

One important aspect of the Legends of Aethereus customization system is crafting. There are tons of crafting materials and recipes. Legends of Aethereus is an online RPG with a class system based on 4 alternatives. Players can choose from: officer, inventor, animist or astrographer. Using the officer skills players come up with various builts. Some of Legends of Aethereus officer specializations include: melee attacks, javelins, punji stick, defensive hymns and emplacements or carnal strength. With the right mix of skills, players experience Legends of Aethereus as strong warriors with great defense, ranged fighters, sneaky rogues and so on. Legends of Aethereus inventor skills are for item crafting specializations like satchels, lanterns, bombs, turrets, etc. Legends of Aethereus has a more than generous selection of weapons that can be crafted including millions of different models.

Game developers designed Legends of Aethereus for Mac, PC, Linux and players can interact no matter what OS they’re using. Legends of Aethereus is not exactly a MMORPG but it supports groups of up to 4 members. Exploring is one Legends of Aethereus activity that is more fun while playing in a group. Legends of Aethereus has a randomizing area system so players visit and explore a zone even hundreds of times but experience different content every time. Legends of Aethereus is developed and published by an indie company and was partially funded thorough a Kickstarter campaign.

By Rachel Rosen


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