Legend of Edda: Vengeance enters second closed beta

By Michael Jamias
legend of edda vengeance second closed beta

Legend of Edda: Vengeance can expect much more polished content in this second closed beta compared to the first one held back in late 2012.

The second beta will last until February 25, giving fans of the anime-style MMORPG less than two weeks to test the improved questing and re-tuned class skills, and attempt to reach the level cap of 30.

Due to the limited amount of time for the second beta test, the Sacred Wars feature will be activated round the clock. Sacred Wars has even become deadlier than ever with the new attack-boosting God Skill that can be unlocked with God Points and used with impunity to destroy foes.

Three different maps will be available for PvP skirmishing. The ever-popular Skyway, in particular, will play host to the frenzied free-for-all battles that define Legend of Edda: Vengeance. All players above level 3 will be eligible to join, although new players are advised to stick to high-level friends to increase their chances of survival.

The second closed beta also unleashes a pack of new PvE and PvP pets, which can be obtained from the Beast Master and God Point NPCs. Pet items, item crafting and item disassembly – all rpg features unavailable during the first beta – have also been unlocked  for public feedback and testing.


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