Legend of Edda leaps into open beta

By Michael Jamias
legend of edda open beta

May 16 marks the start of the Legend of Edda open beta, and an epic clash between the Olympians and Titans.

The hardcore PvP MMO will ask players to choose a side and bring glory to their respective faction in all-out Sacred Wars that erupt every hour. The winning side will be able to control the sacred relics and provide buffs to their comrade-at-arms. Developers have intentionally turned up the rivalry for realm-vs-realm in order to give Legend of Edda fans the intense action that they crave.

During the PvP downtime, players can spend the Legend of Edda open beta exploring the new features added to the free online rpg. Weather watchers can marvel at the shifting environs, from spring-like blooming cherry blossoms one day to the winter snowfall the next. Each corresponding season also gives off rotating buffs, including increased upgrade rates and faster EXP progression.

Fishing is also all the rage in Legend of Edda. Anglers will be able to earn extra EXP through the hobby, and catch treasure boxes that may contain a rare fish mount.

GamesCampus is also throwing gaming gear into the raffle prize mix for those participating in the open beta, everything from fully pimped out PCs to an iPad Mini, hoodies and other tech gear designed to tempt you into logging in.


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