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legend of edda open beta
May 16 marks the start of the Legend of Edda open beta, and an epic clash between the Olympians and Titans. The hardcore PvP MMO will ask players to choose a side and bring glory to their respective faction in all-out Sacred Wars that erupt every hour. The winning side will be able to control the sacred relics and provide buffs to their comrade-at-arms. Developers have intentionally turned up the rivalry for realm-vs-realm in order to give Legen...
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May 16 2013
legend of edda vengeance second closed beta
Legend of Edda: Vengeance can expect much more polished content in this second closed beta compared to the first one held back in late 2012. The second beta will last until February 25, giving fans of the anime-style MMORPG less than two weeks to test the improved questing and re-tuned class skills, and attempt to reach the level cap of 30. Due to the limited amount of time for the second beta test, the Sacred Wars feature will be activated rou...
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Feb 15 2013