SK Gaming demo their new LoL team

By Tam Mageean
sk gaming lol team

As the snow begins to fall in Europe, pro MMO gaming giant, SK games have announced their new League of Legends team, in the run up to this Winter's clashes and, hopefully, LCS Season 4. The season 3 World Championships resonated throughout the competitive MOBA/RPG community; with only 2 EU teams and 1 NA team making it into the top 8, it was clear that all tiers of Western gaming needed a reshuffle.

The new SK lineup is as follows:

C/BL - Patrick 'Nyph' Funke

BL - Adrian 'Candy Panda' Wubbelmann

TL - Simon 'fredy122' Payne

ML - Jesse 'Jesiz' Le

J - Dennis 'Svenskeren' Johnson

Sub - Carlos 'Ocelot' Rodriguez Santiago

Besides Nyph and Panda, who've dominated comfortably on SK's bot lane for some time now, this is a sea change for the SK League of Legends squad. Patrick 'Nyph' Funke has now taken the Captain's seat and has expressed his confidence in his new team's abilities following their debut at the Red Bull Wings Academy, which was broadcast live, this weekend on ESL TV. Ocelot has a lot of fans who were hoping to see him on the starting line-up, but as the season evolves and with his experience; compared to some of the younger team players, there's always a chance that he could move back in.

SK League of Legends Roster

The team have all settled in at the SK gaming house/headquarters in Cologne, Germany and are appearing relaxed, and meshing well in their live streams. They'll be competing tonight at Intel Extreme Masters Cologne against MYM, TCM and the Copenhagen Wolves. You can check them out in the live-stream here at 5pm CET.

After tonight, their first official promo match-up is scheduled for December, but there's no doubt these guys are keen to show their colors, so keep an eye on the SK Twitter and Streams, as they're bound to make a few early appearances.


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