League of Legends unsheathes new champion Yasuo, the Unforgiven

By Michael Jamias
league of legends yasuo the unforgiven

Take this elemental swordsman to the mid lane and slice through whole enemy teams with his superior sustained damage.

Riot Games has unveiled Yasuo, the Unforgiven, a highly mobile fighter that can potentially tear up teams that allow Yasuo to last long in battle and dish out his full melee combos.

Developers of the MMO MOBA suggest taking Yasuo to the mid lane because of his extremely weak early game. Yasuo needs to ramp up his XP and gold, and relies a lot on items to be able to become effective.

What, a melee in mid? Well, like other League of Legends melee champions like Zed, Yasuo can handle the ranged harass in mid with his specialized kit that includes gap closers, shields and wave clears.

Based on this Yasuo reveal, many have tagged him as the conceptual lovechild of Janna and Master Yi with his wind theme, Ionian swordsman backstory, great mobility and critical strike passive. But his uniqueness comes in being able to deliver airborne attack combos like those seen in action rpg and arcade fighting games.

With his wind-based abilities, Yasuo can dash to and strike multiple enemies, send them airborne and combo them in mid-air to chop off huge chunks of their health. He can also send out a wall of wind that blocks all enemy projectiles, giving him some added utility.


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