League of Legends Season 3 World Championships Day 1 standings recap

By Michael Jamias
league of legends worlds day 1 recap

OMG and Gambit BenQ are off to a flawless 2-0 start after League of Legends Season 3 World Championships Day 1.

Ten of the MMO MOBA's best squads have been split into two team groups to duel it out in double round robin to secure one of the four available spots in the quarterfinals.

Over at Team A, the Chinese squad OMG triumphed with a convincing win over Korean squad SK Telecom T1, which ends Day 1 at a 1-1, standing along with the US fan favorite, TSM Snapdragon, and Lemondogs. International wildcard and Lithuanian squad GamingGear.EU is at last place in Team A after suffering two defeats.

Team B saw Gambit BenQ secure strong back-to-back victories. The Russian superstars, whose strong performance many commentators attributed to an intensive boot camp held leading up to the World Championships, routed the rising Korean squad Samsung Galaxy Ozone, the latter ending 1-1 along with the US squad Vulcun Techbargains and Fnatic. SEA qualifier Mineski lost both their games to drop to last place.

Here are the standings for the Group A and B after the first day.

Team A standings
1     OMG     2 - 0
2     SK Telecom T1     1 - 1
2     TSM Snapdragon     1 - 1
2     Lemondogs     1 - 1
5     GamingGear.EU     0 - 2

Team B standings
1     Gambit BenQ     2-0
2     Samsung Ozone     1-1
2     Vulcun Techbargains     1-1
2     Fnatic     1-1
5     Team Mineski     0-2

The squads still have six games to play each before the two top for both Team A and Team B move on to the quarterfinals where they square off in best-of-three matches against the four highest seeds who skipped the group stages -- Cloud 9 HyperX, Najin Black Sword, Royal Club and Gamama Bears. The League of Legends championships will be held at the Staples Center on October 4 where more than 18,000 live fans, with millions of online rpg gamers and web streaming viewers, are set to tune in to see history unfold live.


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