Vel'Koz makes lethal first contact in League of Legends video

By Michael Jamias
league of legends velkoz video

Come battle the newest League of Legends champion and otherworldly Void creature Vel'Koz. Actually, scratch that -- run as far away as you can because you won't want to become the Eye of the Void's latest unfortunate test subject.

The new teaser video, Vel'Koz: First Contact makes a strong case for flight instead of fight:

In the Vel'Koz teaser video, we see the new champion stalking and conversing with another rpg character, the latter dressed like a solider with helmet. "Your species intrigues me. You seek knowledge, the most valuable resource of all... As do I," says Vel'Koz. Then just as he deletes the character (we imagine the poor sap turning into data bytes) he says: "Thank you for your contribution."

This is just a visual representation of Vel'Koz's power to use organic deconstruction to amass more knowledge about everything, including sentient beings, making him student of life of the perpetually killing kind.

MMO forums have erupted with theories on who the human target is, with guesses ranging from a pre-void Kassadin to a random unnamed bloke. Kassadin may be a long shot, and it could be part of the events that led him to gain his annoyingly powerful Void Walker abilities.


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