League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire mode turns out to be real

By Michael Jamias
league of legends ultra rapid fire real

We were flabbergasted yesterday when Riot Games unveiled their vision for League of Legends also known as the Ultra Rapid Fire mode future where cooldown and mana issues are almost non-existent.

Many, including us, thought to be an April Fools' trolling. But the studio one-upped themselves this year by releasing an actual League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire mode currently live in the MMO MOBA.

Granted the Ultra Rapid Fire changes won't likely be making it to the next season, but it's not as un-fun as it sounds on paper. Sure, a lot of champions reached a whole new level of ridiculousness, such as Teemo and his mushroom patches of death, the perenially untargetable Fizz and the poking pain from long-range mages like Ziggs and Xerath. But it was a blast of fun akin to button-mashing action rpg games.

Riot Games has even conscripted the pros to partake in the joke, with the current top 2 teams in the NA LCS, Cloud 9 and TSM, squaring off in a one-off League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire pro match.

Thousands oof fans tuned in to see which champions will be picked and what ability abuses will be used, before replicating them in their own normal server play.


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