Learn how League of Legends Team Builder works

By Michael Jamias
league of legends team builder launch

Got questions about the newly launched League of Legends Team Builder feature, which lets you queue up for a specific champion, role and position in the MMO MOBA?

The League of Legends Team Builder microsite, which you can visit here, has everything you need to know covered.

But before we dive into the golden nuggets of advice on when and how to use this new feature, let's watch this Team Builder trailer for extra hype:

Riot Games explains that the Team Builder is a separate League of Legends queue where you can basically pre-select the kind of playstyle you want and create a team that best matches it.

For example, you're confident with your Jinx play and don't want to risk queuing up in Normal and Ranked where the AD Carry role can be swiped by other people. This is when you sign up for Team Builder, lock in Jinx as a champion, Bottom Lane role and Marksman position.

The microsite has a ready list of FAQs answered, such as penalties for declining or leaving a group to which you have been assigned. Studious online rpg fans can pore over them to get the most out of the Team Builder.


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