League of Legends shows off Team Builder

By Tam Mageean
league of legends team builder

The matchmaking system in League of Legends is getting a serious buff in an upcoming feature; Team Builder. Team Builder is coming to League of Legends' public test server, and will allow you to form a solid team when your buddies aren't around.

You'll be able to preselect your role, lane and champion, and queue up for other players, who's choices fit your bill. This should allow you to swiftly jump into a chain of games, where all five players should be playing to their strengths, in the roles they want. The quality of play really should skyrocket, with everyone on the screen playing at their best.

This will also be great for training and exploring different elements of the RPG, as you can queue in your weaker roles and champions, and immerse yourself in unfamiliar territory; with the security of knowing that the other players will be on-point. The developers at Riot have said that the Team Builder will take your strengths and weaknesses into account. If it's your first time playing with a certain champion, or you're playing in a role that you have a statistically bad history with, you will be married up with players that can support you.

League of Legends Team Builder

The new feature is still in development and testing, as they try to prevent it from becoming exploitable, while also still allowing set-pieces and strategies to be agreed on before a match. Studies have shown after experiencing the power of the Team Builder, only 5% of the MMORPG's players were willing to opt for a "quick match" placement and fill any role. It's sounding pretty balanced, with regards to how many people are picking each role at the moment, but as the meta shifts, who knows? Let's hope everything stays even.


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