StarLadder announce new leagues for League of Legends

By Tam Mageean
league of legends starladder

Russian eSports hub, have announced that they are teaming up with Riot Games to bring us an all new League of Legends league.

Up until now, StarLadder have been best known for their DotA 2 and CounterStrike: GO leagues, whilst also providing professional fonts for World of Tanks and the competitive mmofps Point Blank (also known as Project Blackout).

The new League of Legends league will initially start out as two tiers; Amateur and Star series', but hopes to eventually add a Pro and Semi-Pro series in between, to align with its mmo counterparts.

Since there will be no league-based method of progressing into the Star Series in the first season, StarLadder will be hosting a 160 match, 16 team Round Robin Tournament in its place. At present, they have allocated four invitational slots to the tournament, with the others earning their slots via European and CIS Qualifiers.

The first Star Series will climax with a four team LAN Final in April, with a $30,000 prize pot.

The new leagues will not be Russian-only, with competitors hailing from both the European-West servers and the Russian servers combined, bringing a whole new flavor of competition to European eSports.

In addition, there is no cap on the Amateur series, meaning anyone and everyone can apply. Applications open tomorrow and the Star and Amateur leagues will kick off at the end of February and beginning of March respectively.


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