League of Legends spotlight shows how to stealth kill with Kha’Zix

By Michael Jamias
league of legends spotlight khazix

This new video of League of Legends champion, Kha’Zix the Voidreaver, shows his deadly skill as a melee assassin.

Skulking in the shadows and leaping in for the kill, Kha’Zix uses invisibility and quick movements to take down enemy champions in the multiplayer action online rpg. Visually, Kha’Zix seems to have been based on a praying mantis, and will primarily use his twin scythe blades to score kills in League of Legends.

Kha’Zix also sets himself apart with his ability to evolve during the course of the match and upgrade his abilities with new features. The evolution power-up unlocks per ability when Kha’Zix ranks up his ultimate, which could mean up to three upgraded abilities out of his four available ones.

The seven-minute video shows the possible combat combos that Kha’Zix can pull off. On offense, the new champion can skulk in the dark to gain bonuses and wait until a target is isolated before moving in for the assassination. Meanwhile, he can use his mobility to escape from dangerous situations.

Comparing Kha’Zix to the MMORPG archetypes, he plays similar to a World of Warcraft rogue that can dish out amazing melee damage and uses stealth and quick movements to survive the incoming counter attack. The video also shares a sample rpg build – runes, masteries, summoner spells and items – for a burst-slaying Kha’Zix.


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