SKT Are The 2016 League of Legends World Champions

By Michael Jamias
league of legends skt 2016 world champions

SK Telecom T1 snuffed out what would have been a comeback reverse sweep from the defiant Samsung Galaxy to become the League of Legends 2016 World Champions.

League of Legends SKT 2016 World Champions

In what will go down as the most exciting and first World Championship to go the full five games, SKT led 2-0 in the Finals series and appeared to be running a victory lap in the third game.

But a resilient SSG reminiscent of an underdog rpg hero fought for every objective, and through a fantastic Elder Dragon steal and Baron Nashor secure, the Ambition-led squad won Game 3.

Substitute SKT jungler Blank was swapped in for Game 4, which ended up being a wrong move for the defending World Champions as the rookie jungler was frequently caught out.

This led to a Game 5 decider, with two-time World Champion jungler Bengi rejoining the line-up. Game 5 was a close match but an aggressive move from SSG's Ruler enabled SKT to slay the opposing AD carry, secure Baron Nashor and a big enough lead to win it all.

With SKT crowned as League of Legends 2016 World Champions, the Korean organization will carve out a prestigious reputation as a three-time World Champion.

Congratulations to SKT for winning yet another World Championship in the MMO MOBA!


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