League of Legends champion spotlight defrosts reworked Sejuani

By Michael Jamias
league of legends sejuani champion spotlight

League of Legends Sejuani now packs an arctic assault with her new and improved skills.

This new spotlight video not only shows off the newly armor-plated Sejuani riding a more intimidating boar, it also gives us a taste of the exceptional mass crowd control she can inflict to the opposing team.


As if taking inspiration from the frost mage in rpg games, Sejuani applies the frost condition to enemies which can then be triggered to apply slow effects that make it hard for targets to escape, or allow Sejuani and her allies to make a hasty escape.

Sejuani continues to take on the mmo moba role of tank and jungler, but now with far improved utility and battlefield presence compared to her original version. Sejuani is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, so the rework served to keep her competitive and in line with newer champions.

Riot resident Phreak also spent the video showing the cool combos you can pull off using Sejuani, including chaining spells to lock down a single opponent over a surprisingly long distance or to initiate clumps of enemies who are out of position using her gap-closing and freezing spells.


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