League of Legends implements new league system for Season 3

By Michael Jamias
league of legends season 3 league system

League of Legends players hoping to compete with the pros will need to pass a gauntlet of challenges under the new league system.

For Season 3 ranked play, the new league system will apply to all ranked solo/duo, team 3v3 and team 5v5 matches. There are six tiers of leagues depending on skill level of players from the lowest Bronze to the highest Challenger. Each tier is then divided into many “leagues” or ladders of up to 250 players or teams of the same tier.

Riot Games said that you can progress to a league of a higher tier if you consistently win ranked games. This progress is tracked by your rise through five different divisions in each league. Players will also be given a ladder ranking based on accumulated League points and their division placement, not dissimilar to those implemented for PvP-centric rpg games and mmo games.

But for League of Legends players to move up to a higher division, they will need to win a best-of-three Divisions series. Moving up a tier requires winning a best-of-five Promotion series.

Under this new league system, Riot Games will be able to cull the best players in each region. The top 5v5 ranked teams from the Challenger tier will even have the chance to go pro. The path won’t be easy though as they will have to fight the very best players around the world in successive online tournaments, before reaching the final Championship series.

Below is an infographic which recaps all this information and more about League of Legends Season 3 ranked play.

League of Legends Season 3 Infographic


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