New punishment system for naughty League of Legends players

By Tam Mageean
league of legends punish

It's impossible to ignore the fact that League of Legends is gaining more and more mainstream popularity, and although the growth of an mmo has its pluses, it also has some negatives.

As gamers advance in the game, reports are becoming alarmingly more frequent, regarding players making aggressive comments towards their team-mates, insulting their decisions, and generally being uncooperative; taking the fun away from the battle rpg and, most importantly, deterring new players.

Riot have decided that enough is enough and, in China, they are beginning to introduce a penalty system to run parallel to the current banning system. For less serious offenses, such as negative verbal behavior, players can find themselves "silenced" from team chat and general chat for either a pre-determined number of games, or even for the duration of their League of Legends experience! If moody players still find a way to be a menace; the original banning system will remain in place.

The new League of Legends punishment system hasn't been fully described by Riot or China's publisher, Tencent, but its currently being prepared for limited release in China, and appears to pop up automatically, upon the detection of a cheeky champion. No news yet on what specifically triggers it, so it's fair to assume that some well-meaning players will get misunderstood and silenced without reason, so best to be as polite and encouraging as possible for the time being!


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