League of Legends Preseason 3 patch shakes up items, jungle and masteries

By Michael Jamias
league of legends preseason 3 patch video

Watch Jatt and Morello from Riot Games discuss the big changes coming to League of Legends ahead of Season 3.

In terms of items, changes focused on giving League of Legends fans more options on how they can build their champions – similar to alternative gear sets in mmo rpg games. Manamune, for example, has been changed and will now upgrade to Muramana once its mana has been maxed out. The Muramana will then have a toggle option which trades mana for bonus damage on auto attacks. Supports and junglers will also receive special new items that will help them specifically with their roles.

“It makes for different types of decisions based on the way you want to play and the character you’re using,” says Morello.

The jungle has also been changed to allow more jungler champion types to become viable in Season 3. If before, the fast AOE wave clear junglers were preferred, the new jungle camps will have harder-to-kill solo monsters that should slightly level the field for other junglers.

“So that way, a single target jungler like Trundle or Warwick can just clear that camp out faster, but an AOE jungler might take a little bit more time to do it,” says Jatt. “We’re not trying to marginalize AOE junglers,” notes Morello, “but we’re going to have to find a good equilibrium there to make sure you can have single target, sustain, high gank, high farm, AOE,” junglers that are usable.

Lastly, the defensive masteries will be revamped to put the tankier bonuses deeper into the tree. The utility masteries, which had been neglected, has been “spiced up,” including a new mastery that gives gold on hitting enemy champions specifically to help out support champions.


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