League of Legends - The Preseason Begins

By Tam Mageean
league of legends preseason

We've barely had a chance to stop and look back at the aftermath of League of Legends Season 3, and the folks at Riot Games have already started to prime for season 4 for the serial, battle RPG.

The League of Legends preseason plans have been revealed by the development team, as we draw ever closer to the big reset.

"Over the next several weeks, we’ll be making gameplay changes aimed at evolving, refining and polishing League of Legends."

There have been numerous changes already, including some big buffs for all you Junglers and Supports out there.

The Support Role will be getting free-to-purchase ward items. These "Trinkets" will make ward-play more accessible and cheaper for Supports, in the hope of saving some of their all-important gold, and preventing them from drying up towards the end-game. Supports will now experience "Support Utility Scaling" whereby buffs and debuffs will become noticeably improved as they level up, granting players with a feeling of empowerment.

Junglers will find a new camp on each side, granting new side-routes to wade through for those who are opposed to traditional laning. Players venturing off the beaten track will also be rewarded with new, Jungler-specific items, to aid them in the overgrowth.

The battlefields have received some tweaks too, including changes to map vision and rewards, to shift the balance and reduce snowballing as one team begins to take the lead. New Masteries, changes to Summoner Spells, tweaks to Turrets and Inhibitors; the list goes on!

To see the full gallery of changes, check out the battle MMO's comprehensive, preseason page.

The team are still listening to their fans, and are accepting all of your feedback, with the hope of implementing as many game-improving changes into League of Legends before the season begins. So, be sure to be vocal; the future of the League is in your hands!


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