League of Legends patch 3.9 balances Draven and LeBlanc

By Michael Jamias
league of legends patch 3 9 preview video

League of Legends patch 3.9 will temper Draven's early game damage and LeBlanc's initial burst.

Riot Games explains why these two champions received quite the rework in this new League of Legends patch 3.9 preview video:

Draven opponents, especially those he fights against during the laning phase, have been frustrated by his very deadly early game damage. Developers addressed this without crippling the Glorious Executioner by reworking his bleed passive into the League of Draven, the new Draven passive, which basically rewards Draven with gold whenever he kills enemy champions. This encouraged Draven to balance his need to farm to build up Adoration stacks and then risk making kill plays in order to cash in his passive gold reward.

LeBlanc, meanwhile, has gained a notorious reputation for snowballing fast and being capable of wiping an enemy champion within a couple of seconds of initial burst. The change to LeBlanc's ultimate, Mimic, seeks to spread her initial burst over the course of multiple spell combos. Riot assured though that LeBlanc players will still have the capacity to erase champions from the map if they pull off her combos perfectly with the new LeBlance ultimate.

There were also changes made to vision ward gold, which is now shared between the player who destroys the revealed ward and the player that reveals the ward. This effectively gives support players in the popular combat RPG game a tiny bit of gold stream.

Oracle's Elixir will also become a much more attractive purchase now for players, since it will persist through death. This change though comes balanced with shorter reveal radius and oracle duration.

Lastly, Riot has created the anti-poke item Orb of Winter for ARAM, which is the single-lane game mode for the MMO MOBA. The Orb of Winter helps players better cope with long-range blasters like Lux and Nidalee by creating a shield that will refresh when the champion does not take any damage for a certain duration.


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