Nyph joins Alliance in preparation for the next LoL season

By Tam Mageean
league of legends nyph

Team Alliance have been at it again! In the run up to the League of Legends LCS 2014 season, they've been picking up quite a reputation for poaching. Earlier this month, Alliance managed to nab themselves a slot on the competitive League of Legends Circuit, after the Evil Genius League of Legends team, rather controversially, parted ways.

The team filtered into two existing teams within the rpg's pro-tour; North America's EG team and Europe's EG spinoff, Alliance. This is something that's still under scrutiny by many LCS fans, due to potential conflicts occurring if the two affiliated teams come head-to-head later in 2014.

As if snapping up EG's LCS slot wasn't enough, the team has now also acquired SK Gaming's Captain, and Bot-Laner/Support player, Nyph.

The news of Patrick "Nyph" Funke's departure was announced by both SK Gaming and Alliance today, who both wish him well in LCS 2014. This also marks 2 other significant events for SK Gaming, as it's the end of a wonderful bromance between Nyph and Candy Panda, who's teamwork has been unrivaled on the competitive mmo scene this year. It also means the return of the SK Gaming People's champion, Ocelote, who was benched in 2013 for his volatility and toxicity, despite his cult following.

It's a huge shame for SK Gaming, as it was looking like they'd finally shuffled and reshuffled their team into a favorable position and were beginning to show some serious progress in the run-up to the new season. SK Gaming have reassured fans that a suitable replacement for Nyph is on the way.

"No worries, we have been on it since mid December and currently have three prospects to sign as our new support for 2014."


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