League of Legends reveals new mermaid support champ Nami, the Tidecaller

By Michael Jamias
league of legends nami the tidecaller champion

This League of Legends water caster can flood the battlefield with crowd control and buff abilities.

In a new developer blog post, Riot Games has confirmed the passive and active abilities of Nami, the Tidecaller, which is drawn in the image of a mermaid wielding a frozen trident staff with a play style that some have compared to the ranged cleric archetype in rpg games.

Her Surging Tides (Passive) grants allied champions affected by Nami’s abilities with movement speed increase for a short duration.

Aqua Prison (Q) sends a bubble of water into the air to a targeted location that deals magic damage and displaces enemies hit by the bubble, which is great spammable short CC. League of Legends enemies suspended in air won’t be able to use their damaging spells, and allows Nami and her teammates to chase or escape, depending on the situation.

Ebb and Flow (W) unleashes a surge of water that can target an enemy or allied champion. The water can bounce from champion to champion and deals magic damage to enemy champions and heals allied champions. For World of Warcraft MMO players, think of the shaman class chain heal but converts to damage when hitting enemies.

Tidecaller’s Blessing (E)buffs an allied champion, adding extra magic damage and a slow to their attacks. Use this to finish off retreating and wounded foes.

Tidal Wave (R) summons a massive Tidal Wave from her position. The wave deals magic damage and slows all enemy units it passes through. Enemies closest to the initial spawn point are slowed for a shorter duration than those farther away, but all are slowed for a significant length of time and Tidal Wave has a large range. Tidal Wave a massive area CC that can split enemies in team fights and makes it easier to pick them off one by one, and is also obviously a party-saving escape ultimate.


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