League of Legends claims title of most played videogame in the world

By Michael Jamias
league of legends most played videogame

League of Legends justifies the title as it gets played more than 1 billion hours per month.

League of Legends asserted its worldwide dominance in this new infographic, which shows us its popularity among the rabid, testosterone-filled below-30 crowd.

Of its 12 million daily active players, over 90% of its players are male, and 85% are between the ages of 16 and 30. It also notes that 60% are enrolled in or have completed some college, which should give you some pause before pre-judging the League of Legends lot as basement gamers with no scholastic ambition.

“Millions of gamers from more than 145 countries play the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game League of Legends daily, some of them skill enough to engage in ultracompetitive tournaments,” begins this infographic titled “The Major League of Legends.”

Other fast facts thrown at us:

- 70 million total registered names for summoners, the rpg role of a player.

- 32 million monthly active players, which they happily point out handily beats the 12 million peak subscribers in the World of Warcraft MMO and almost the same number of Xbox Live monthly subscribers at 40 million

- 3 million peak concurrent players in one day which happened sometime in July

- 1 billion average worldwide play hours since Q3 2012

- 6.5 million deaths a day, of 75 deaths per second

Penta-kills or five consecutive kills are a rarity in League of Legends, with the odds of witnessing the feat placed at 1 in every 150+ games. The odds of performing a penta-kill are even rarer, probably reserved for elites and lopsided matches, which should be 1 in every 1500+ rpg games online.


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