League of Legends unsheathes Master Yi champion spotlight

By Michael Jamias
league of legends master yi champion spotlight

The League of Legends Master Yi champion spotlight acquaints us with the reworked Wuju Bladesman.

As part of the old guard in League of Legends, Master Yi is the most recent champion in the MMO MOBA to receive a skill and visual overhaul in Patch 3.10.

The champion spotlight reveals the most noticeable change to Master Yi, which is his avatar, now taller and carries a longer blade than before.

His combat rpg skillset has also been tweaked to make him more effective as a melee assassin in either the jungle or solo lane, while minimizing the frustration of fighting against his AP Yi build.

Master Yi continues to rely on slashing down targets with his fast attack speed, high attack damage and critical hits. While his Alpha Strike seems to have been watered down in terms of dealing lane harass, he can now whittle down foes more effectively with sustained true damage from Wuju Style and his speed and attack steroid ultimate, Highlander.

The Champion Spotlight also reveals some tips and tricks to using the new Master Yi. Alpha Strike is best used for fast clearing in the jungle, while Highlander makes his ganks quite deadly if the target has no hard crowd control. Meanwhile, Master Yi players who choose to solo lane can use Meditate to thwart tower dives.

Despite all the changes, Master Yi continues to fill the role of a fast-pushing melee carry for teams who choose him in their comps.


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