Learn to play Lucian in new League of Legends champion spotlight

By Michael Jamias
league of legends lucian champion spotlight

Lucian, the Purifier, shows off his speedy, hit-and-run playstyle in his official League of Legends preview.

The League of Legends Lucian champion spotlight takes us through the paces of his marksman abilities.

As we described in our Lucian early tips and tricks guide, Lucian is one of the more mobile and bursty attack damage carriers in the MMO MOBA.

From his double-shot Lightslinger passive, harassing Piercing Light and Ardent Blaze shots, slow-cleansing Relentless Pursuit dash and his burst barrage ultimate, The Culling -- Lucian's kit is designed to deal a lot of damage in a short frame of time but leaves him open for counterattacks when his cooldowns are all down.

Lucian starts to scale up in sustained damage after acquiring a few core items like Blade of the Ruined King, but before then during the early game he relies on unloading skillshots and then retreating or chasing depending on whether he thinks he can secure the kill with a few more auto-attacks. In terms of the League of Legends rpg archetypes, Lucian plays like an AD caster-AD carry.

Sustained dueling though is not his forte, and he relies heavily on his large-range harass and re-positioning ability to outplay more heavy auto-attack damage laners like Vayne and Caitlyn.

Because of his shortcomings, Lucian is best built with attack damage and cooldown reduction items, and placed in crowd control-heavy team compositions that can lock down enemies and allow him to more easily land his skillshots.


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