Rock to the beat of this League of Legends Jinx MV

By Michael Jamias
league of legends jinx mv

Riot Games has composed a head-banging tune for the rabidly destructive Jinx, its newest League of Legends champ.

Jinx's music video and rock anthem tune perfectly sum up everything that the manic marksman is bringing to the MMO MOBA: Endless explosions, in-your-face aggressiveness, and punk-pink rebellion.

The almost three-minute "Get Jinxed" MV with vocals from Agnete KjĂžlsrud from the band Djerv takes us through Jinx's twisted psyche. Even in her dreams, she relishes the idea of blowing up buildings and causing as much mass havoc as possible. She's the wild child that League of Legends has been missing until now.

In the video, we also the get to see her skillset in full animated action -- from the stun gun to the root grenades to that relentless rocket ultimate that will blow up tons of unsuspecting champs when Jinx finally goes live.

Can't live without this track? You can play it on repeat, download it and even sing along with the full lyrics over at Soundcloud.

Comparing the characters coming out of rpg games online these days, with all the usual fantasy mages and picture-perfect elves, and we're starting to get why the tattooed Jinx is such a breath of fresh air for modern gamers, albeit rubble air from all the structures she's blown to bits.


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