Say hi to Jinx, the maniacal new League of Legends marksman

By Michael Jamias
league of legends jinx

On second thought, you're better off avoiding this troublemaker that's terrorizing Piltover.

League of Legends Jinx profile

Jinx, the Loose Cannon joins the League of Legends roster as a maniacal marksman that has -- count it -- five deadly weapons to blow up her enemies, you know, just because she finds it fun.

Jinx has a rocket launcher that deals area damage, a minigun that gives a mini-attack speed boost, a zapper that slows enemies and snare grenades that root those that step on them. But her most fearsome payload is her ultimate, the Super Mega Death Rocket!

You wouldn't want to be the target of the Super Mega Death Rocket, as it zips across the map ala Ashe's Frost Arrow and Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage. But this one's arguably the most destructive of the three cross-map globals, since the rocket speeds up as it travels the map and explodes on the first enemy champion hit and all nearby enemies, dealing damage based on a percentage of their missing health.

Jinx abilities

League of Legends champion designers explained that Jinx joins the MMO MOBA as a burst ranged carry that packs a lot of damage but sacrifices a bit of her mobility for it.

Jinx will have to rely on a couple of relatively unreliable slows and roots to keep those gap closing bruisers out of her face, compared to the other marksmen that have dashes, teleport shifts and jump backs.

For her rpg lore, Jinx is proving quite the painful thorn to the side of Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, trashing banks and taunting the bruiser with her antics. We won't be surprised if the two turn out to have an in-game special quest interaction similar to when Kha'zix and Rengar battle against each other in the rift.


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